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- Train the concentration of children in building blocks
- Shape and color recognition
- Motor training and sensory
- Number recognition & animal
- Hone the child 's imagination


- Assemble the mechanical dinosaur, full of domineering feeling, let your child fall in love with it at a glance
- Assemble dinosaur eggs to cultivate hands and brains
- Adopt high quality ABS material. No harm to the child
- Dinosaur eggs are not only packaging, but also can be used as a base display platform
- Equipped with a special screw driver to disassemble and assemble dinosaurs without damaging toys
- Cultivate children's logical thinking ability.
- Exercise hand strength and improve hands-on ability.
- Promote hand-eye coordination and stimulate sensory development.
- Strengthen children's concentration and basic color cognition.


- Cute dinosaur shapes, small and exquisite, let the baby put it down, full of fun.
- After filling with water, a long water column can be shot out with one press.
- Nine styles are available, allowing babies and friends to play together.
- Easy to assemble without power supply.
- Suitable for children, children, adults and anyone.
- Let the children spend a cool summer
- Lightweight and compact size, easy to carry and storage.


- Easy to play
- Cute and durable
- No Battery Required
- Safe and fun
- Applicable age: 6months and above
- Function: Press
- Material: ABS


- It is not only a glasses chain, but also a mask rope
- Remove the silicone buckle, you can use it as a mask rope
- Use high-quality materials
- This mask rope is beautiful and practical
- Can be carried with you


- Item Type:Hair Clip
- Material: Imitation pearl + Imitation drill + Alloy
- Style:  Elegant + retro
- Fineness: 100% brand new
- Size:
(A-Model) about 6.5cm in length, about 1.5cm in width, and about 6.5g in weight
(B-Model) about 7cm in length, about 1.5cm in width, and about 20g in weight
(C-Model) about 6cm in length, about 2cm in width, and about 8.4g in weight
- Style: as shown


- High-quality materials: high-quality ABS materials are used, the surface is smooth, there is no unpleasant smell, and children are safe to play.
- Strong playability: deformable, exercise hands and brains, a variety of deformations, strong playability, and bring endless fun to children.
- Flexible and changeable: multi-joint deformation, posing and modeling, vivid image. Very cool dinosaur shape.
- After collecting multiple styles, you can assemble more cool robot/dinosaur shapes.
- Exquisite details, fine workmanship, and bright colors, which cater to children's interests.
- It is an excellent gift for children on Christmas, birthdays and other festivals.


- Improve children's concentration and train reaction ability.
- Inspire children to explore and understand food thinking.
- Fun parent-child games both for playing and learning to enhance parent-child relationship and interaction. Playing in the company of parents will further educate and inspire children.
- Colorful peas increase children's interest in learning.


- Material: Polyester fiber, imitation pearl
- Category: Headband
- Colour: As Option
- Application: female
- Quantity: a set of 12pcs
- Gender: women, girl
- Style: Fashion
- Applicale Occasion: Party,Club,Wedding,Daily,Engagement,Anniversary,Gift etc.


- It is helpful for your baby's cognition of numbers and interest in English letters.
- Cultivate children's ability to pick up, hold, grasp, and hold things and hands-on ability, and practice passing. Develop children's hand-eye coordination. 
- Exercise children's ability to distinguish colors.
- Practicing children's ability to stack hands and space intelligence.
- Have a certain perceptual understanding of the size of the figures and the size of the shapes.
- Learn to recognize different shapes.
-This set includes 9 cups
-Cups are printed numbers (1-8 Front) &  Letters (A-H Back)
-Parents could teach your children the letters and numbers printed on the cups. 


- Semi-automatic design, thickened and widened handle and shrapnel, you can filter flour by gently pressing the handle.
- Equipped with a special bottom cover, which can be used as a measuring cup, or it can be opened to directly sieve fine powder.
- Selected high-quality materials, the sieve body is made of plastic material, and the rotating blades are semi-automatically designed, which can break up the flour and make the flour full of fluffy.
- It can be operated with one hand, which is convenient and easy to use. Hold the handle with one hand and press and pull to pass the screen, which is very convenient.
- Use high-quality stainless steel mesh, high hardness, corrosion resistance, fine sieve powder, uniform powder quality.
- The rotating blade is designed semi-automatically, which can quickly break up ingredients such as flour and powdered sugar.
- Ergonomic handle semi-automatic pressing device, no need to shake, easy to sieve powder, non-slip finger pressure design, comfortable grip.


- DIY assembly tools, develop children to imitate talents, train hands-on ability, and experience the real maintenance and disassembly process.
- Two different styles of choice, children have a preliminary understanding and understanding of the different functions of different tools.
- Create safe, non-toxic materials that are harmless to children.
- Develop and exercise children's hands-on ability. The perfect tool kit allows children to learn to pack their toys after playing.
- A variety of tools with different functions, for children to use together, to give full play to unlimited creativity.
- The development of vision, senses, and hearing, and then exercise brain and intelligence.
- Parents can play with their children to enhance parent-child emotions.


- Flexible material helps get every last drop of dough or batter.
- Conforms to curve or shape of a mixing bowl.
- Can also be used on flat surface.
- Durable polypropylene bowl scraper. Use to cut or divide dough; also use to scrape excess flour and dough from work surface.


- Clip measured 18cm long
- Features scored tips to make picking up food easy
- Keep your fingers clean and grease-free when eating your favorite snack
- Can be used for chips,salad,Bread,Potato etc
- Great gifts for yourselves or your friends


- The clip design makes it very interesting when eating.
- The small food tongs have a cute palm shape and look very cute and vivid, adding more fun and visual enjoyment when getting food.
- The non-slip silicone on the head allows you to hold the food you want tightly.
- After using, please clean and store mini tongs in a dry place, do not expose to direct sunlight.
- This is the small tongs for serving finger food and all kinds of small food.
- Suitable for picking up food, muffins, pancakes, cookies, cheeses, fruit, etc.