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- Lightweight and easy to carry to everywhere you want to go.
- A good gift for kids.
- Bring a relaxed atmosphere for you and your child
- Improve parent-child relationship: Playing together with your children is a perfect communication with each other 
- Really fun board game for children, it is also good for the fun of the party,reducing pressure
- Creative kids toy birthday festival gift,can promote spatial thinking and good motor skills 


- This is the new favorite toy for all kids - a squeezable, moldable play sand that you can't put down!
- Play & Learn Educational Magic Sand flows through fingers like real sand, it magically sticks to itself and not to your hands.
- Mix it, cut it, squish it to create incredible sand art. The creative possibilities are endless with Magic Sand!
- Squeezable Fun: Magic Sand is 98% sand and 2% magic! Pull it, shape it and mold it to create incredible sand art.
- Clean & Safe: It never dries out and is non-toxic. It magically sticks to itself so it can be easily cleaned up and stored.


- Folding clothes is a very trivial and frequent work in daily life. With it, folding clothes is no longer a boring job!
- The folding board will have your closets and drawers amazingly organized,saves half of your folding time in your daily life,barely takes any space to store this item.
- Just three seconds, a few seconds, you can quickly fold different clothes into a fixed size, making it easier for you to collect!


- The epidemic is raging and cannot be ignored. Self-disinfection prevents secondary contact and zero contact with elevator door handle tools, effectively self-protection.
- Self-disinfection, zero contact: Contains absorbent disinfectant sponge, which can be added by yourself before going out every day, effectively reducing virus and bacteria.
- The "anti-epidemic artifact" is suitable for use in a variety of environments and can effectively avoid contact virus infection.
- The size is 11.5x2.5x3cm, the volume is as small as lipstick, it is convenient to carry.


- Machine washing, allows clothes mixed washing , lock color and prevent color destory clothes
- Absorb DYE and Dirt
- Dispell Peculiar Smell and Anti-Bcteria
- Works in all water temperatures;
- Suit for washing clothes that ade of cotton, hemp, synthetic fiber and mixed spinning material or infant clothing and the underwear.

  • Fashionable design, light weight, aseptic, environmental friendly PE flexible material, self-cleaning, high temperature disinfection, unlimited reuse, no allergy, perfect fit to your ear, maximum comfort, tasteless, long service life, etc.
  • Extensive compatibility - various masks,such as N95 disposable masks, dust masks, etc.
  • Washable and durable - the headband is made of durable PP flexible material, which can be repeatedly cleaned, bent, not worn, curled, dropped or other types of degradation.
  • Relieve the pressure of long-term wearing of mask on ears.
  •  Adopt 100% food grade silica gel and pass FDA/LFGB standard.
  • Can be used for draining of dishes, cups, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Easy to fold, easy to store and clean. 

- Single layer 15 grids storage box to hold eggs.
- Unique design for convenient handling and packing.
- Plastic egg storage box holds up to 15 eggs at one time Handle style
- Cover locks tightly, convenient for house keeping
- Carrying and camping
- A great tool for you to storage eggs.


1.Competitive high, hit in the face of the child process to fully mobilize the ability of hands-on brain, exercise activity limb also enhance the competitive spirit
2.For a wide range of customer groups, the game of all ages, parent-child interaction, increase the fun with friends, so as to nurture the family in the course of the game, friendship, and even love
3.Full playability, participants can take advantage of their own imagination in the "face" on everything can be put Tricky additions, the game more interesting
4.Quality ABS plastic, no flash no smell, safety and environmental protection, give each child a toy safety assured
5.No need to install the battery directly will get started to play, do not worry about beating playable super.


- Easy to use, no ironing or glue needed, it's automatic glued together with water.
- Safe, and Non-toxic material.
- We choose the best and safest materials to protect your child's safety.
- Help young children develop hand-eye coordination skills; color and shape recognition.
- Basic counting and express themselves in an artistic way.
- Best toys for boys girls kids as gift.


- Made of eco-friendly ABS material, non-toxic and safe for babies.
- This spray egg toy is combination of cute cartoon duck and a broken egg shape
- Exercise children's space exploration, buoyancy perception, good for education.
- Sprinkle shower, let the children fall in love with the shower.
- Exquisite and lovely appearance, loved by children.
- Bath water toy for baby bathroom shower time fun Xmas gifts


- Type: Foldable Umbrella
- Material: Pongee Fabric
- Color: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Red, Green, Pink, Black
- Product Dimension: 105cm(W) x 105cm(L) x 61cm(H)
- Package Dimension: 6cm(W) x 6cm(L) x 32cm(H)
- Product Weight: 468g
- Package Weight: 0.47kg
- Diameter: 105cm
- Size: 1-2 Persons


- Gender: Ladies / Women
- Material: Cotton
- Color: As Shown
- Size: 35--43
- Function: breathable and sweat-absorbing