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29X19cm Water Drawing Painting Writing Magic Pen Doodle Mat Toy Early Learning -BT36-S

RM 9.90 RM 25.90
  • Includes: 1 Basic Mat, 1 Water Pen
  • Size : 29 x 19 cm
  • Mess Free Doodling
  • Inkless, Just Add Water
  • 4 Colors to Doodle In (Red, Blue, Green & Purple)
  • Soft Fabric Boarder
  • Easy to encourage toddle and baby to draw, write and paint
  • Train and improve motor coordination, memory and creativity
  • Reusable & never worry about ink mess anymore

It is a magic inkless doodle mat canvas for kid and baby to draw, write, paint and play. It only require water to draw a colourful images. Colourful images spring up and excite your kids, then faded away so you kids can continuously draw, write and paint. It is definitely excite!

The canvas fascinated by spring up colours, then enjoy and watch the colours magically fade away! No limit, the only limits is the creativity. Fun pictures and images around the canvas guide and inspire your kid and baby too.

No ink and no chemical so definitely non-toxic for your love as it is on pal with European export quality. Parent never need to worry about ink mess anymore. Regardless how many times your kid and baby draw and paint, you will never need to worry of the mess any more.

**For first time use, soak the head of the pen in water for 2-3 hours.**