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Mustachifier Mustache Pacifier Cum Joyfulbaby Funny Pacifier -MZ-15+MZ-NP

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Mustachifier Mustache Pacifier

The Cowboy is the mustache pacifier for the rugged young man. This Mustachifier marks you as a lone wolf, an independent man of the plains, and a compadre who is not to be trifled with. When you’re looking to send the message that you can make decisions and being a messy eater is a lifestyle choice then this is the imposing handlebar mustache for you.
Joyfulbaby Funny Pacifier
This pacifier helps baby to fall asleep, also it's modern design, it's funny and cute, in high quality, safe for baby to use, also will attractive others attention.
Great as a birthday or Christmas gift, pass the parcel at parties, fancy dress funny pictures.
Make your pride and joy stand out from the rest and have mums and dads in awe.
Your baby will sure stand out from the rest of the bunch in your local nursery.
It's practically guaranteed to make people chuckle when they see these items.
100% Silicone, BPA free, and Phylate free.
Each Silicone Orthodontic Nipple Complies with 16 CRF 1511 Requirements for Pacifiers.