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[Little B House] Mustachifier Mustache Pacifier -MZ-15

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The Cowboy is the mustache pacifier for the rugged young man. This Mustachifier marks you as a lone wolf, an independent man of the plains, and a compadre who is not to be trifled with. When you’re looking to send the message that you can make decisions and being a messy eater is a lifestyle choice then this is the imposing handlebar mustache for you. 

The Gentleman: The Mustache Pacifier for the discerning Gentleman.  This Mustachifier commands the respect and admiration of every toddler in the room. When you’re looking to send the message that you’re a big boy who can handle his potty business all by himself then this is the well-groomed handlebar mustache for you.

The Ladies Man is the mustache pacifier for the flirtatious rogue. With a pacifier in your mouth you may not have much to say but never fear; this Mustachifier speaks for you. If you want to make the ladies swoon and let the other boys know just who the big baby on campus is, then this is the mustache for you.

Product Features

• 100% BPA free pacifier
• Ideal for 0-6 months
• Soft mustache made from teether material
• Silicone Nipple
• Includes snap-on cap for hygiene
• Natural orthodontic shape