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[Little B House] Meitoku Joint Crawling Foam Puzzle Play Mat -Map01

RM 79.90 RM 179.00

-Applicable age range: Under the age of 3
-Provide safe and comfortable space

-Diameter per piece: 

9pcs (30 x 30cm)
12pcs(30 x 15cm)
coner x 4

Total: 25pcs(A Box)

Designed for all ages, this play mat provides a soft padded cushioning and supporting area to protect children from the hardness and coldness of the floor. Provide children with a safe and comfortable space for learning and activities. Its unique material is completely waterproof. Simplified colorful puzzles promote children's understanding for animals ,plants and other objects. Enhance the thinking ability,increase children's observation,cultivate patience and attention. To prevent the baby in an unstable sit above play when fall, also can put in indoor gym gymnastics pad. If your babies spend most of his time on the floor, get this play mat to ensure his comfort and safety!