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Japan Hito Multifunctional Baby Food Maker Set Cum New Peanut Shape Feeding Bowl With Spoon -CDH31200+BKM16

RM 69.90 RM 149.00

-7-in-1 baby food maker
-Making baby food become easy
-Suitable for 6 months and above
-Perfect for meals or snacks
-Easy for toddlers learning to self-feed.
-Ergonomic design allows bowl to be held in a comfortable and more natural feeding position

Japan Hito Multifunctional Baby Food Maker Set

Baby Food Maker set is designed to help mothers to prepare a healthy balanced diet for the baby. With this easy-to-use 7 pieces baby food maker, you can squeeze juices, grate vegetables or mash baby food. Definitely a must for creating delicious meals for your baby. Baby Food Maker consist of : 
Grinder : The grinder crushes fruits and vegetables. It also removes fruit and vegetable peels and seeds in advance, for fast and optimal results. Juicer : The juicer can be paired with the mesh sieve, preventing seeds and pulps from dropping into the container. 
Mash Cup : The mash cup comes with a convenient handle for easy handling and feeding. Its notched spout design allows you to pour the liquid food into a container without spilling, and the raised groove design helps to crush food, making it an ideal and convenient gadget for blending or crushing a variety of food items. 
Mesh Sieve : The plastic ring and the metal mesh are ultrasound sealed to prevent breakage. It is a perfect companion with the grinder, juicer and mash cup for greater amenities and convenience. 
Dish : It can be used to contain food. 
Pestle : The pestle aids in crushing of food when use with the mash cup. 
Baby Spoon : Ideal for blending food and meshing small quantity of food in a bowl. Can also be used to feed your baby.
New Peanut Shape Feeding Bowl With Spoon 
An innovative new type of grinding bowl with a spoon, this product from the new PP material does not contain bisphenol A, can be pasteurized oh. Packaging is very beautiful, customers also liked.