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[Little B House] Bear Baby Shower Net Cum Baby Bath Thermometer -BKM05+BKM04

RM 53.90 RM 209.00

Bear Baby Shower Net 

Size: Approx. 95 x 70cm
Ergonomis structure
Safe and comfortable
The soft reticular bathtub support
Easily installed
Convenient to store
Good assistant when bathing the baby
Enjoy safety bath
Baby Bath Thermometer
This product can be used to measure when the baby bath tub water temperature, also be days when the thermometer to measure the temperature usually.
Baby bath when the water temperature, generally should be controlled at about 40 degrees. Bath thermometer, can float on the water, instantly and accurately indicates a bathing temperature of the water to prevent the baby was burned or because the water temperature is too low and cold.
Adorable, baby attract attention