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Baby Milk Feeding Bottle Clamp Cum Baby Bottle Cleaning Brushes Set of 5 -BKM18+BKM22

RM 22.80 RM 79.00

-This product can be used when disinfecting baby bottles, pacifiers and other
-Clips can penetrate the bottom of the container, the front can insert gadgets
-Clip is probably 25cm, special design makes it easy to pick up pacifiers and other small items
-Great gift for infant starter.
-Dual sponge and bristle incorporation for thorough cleaning
-Grooved no-slip handle for easy grip

1.It can easily pick up all kinds of bottles, avoid out after disinfetion bottle yes secondary pllution, but also prevent the mummy was scalede; 
2.Multi-function bottle clip clip longer, can be more easily into the point of sterilization containers clip nipple, and other small parts; 
3.Has four cleats design, firmly clamping bottles, don't fall off; 
4.Clamp head groove non slip design, nipple, and other small parts can be more firmly clamps; 
5.The installation card buckle, dismantling is convenient.