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Baby Food Supplement Temperature Sensor Sucker Bowl Cum Multifunctional Baby Food Scissors -BKM14+AP1305

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-Suction cup base keeps bowl securely in place
-Permanently attached suction bases help prevent spills
-Quick release tab on each suction base allows for easy removal by adult
-Temperature spoon can sense above 40 ℃ once touch food or liquid will become white color.
-Material: PP.
-Size: 12*6.2*4.2cm.
-Suitable for 6 months to 3 years old babies.
-Function: the food can be easily cut into small pieces.

Baby Food Supplement Temperature Sensor Sucker Bowl  

The spoon and bowl set is specially designed for toddlers learning to self-feed. The bowl base has a suction cup which can suck firmly on the smooth desktop. Ensure the baby's safety. It is difficult for baby to remove but easy for adults. 
● The best food temperature for baby should be between 38-40 ℃;This products are made of a special temperature-sensitive materials.When the temperature of baby food is over 40 ℃, the tips of spoon and fork turns white. It means the food is too hot for baby. When temperature dropped below 38 ℃, they would get back to original color.very safe and convenient. 
● head edge of spoons and forks are made of plasticity elastomer, soft and flexible, more secure to use.; 
●Made of non-toxic and tasteless materials , and the Operating Temperature is 0℃-100℃ 
●To prevent spoon head infected food color, please wash it in the water immediately after each use. Place it in a cool, dry place. If found broken, Please stop to use it. 
●Do not use a metal brush or abrasive powder, in order to avoid scratches surface of the product; 
●Do not use the microwave disinfection 
●It is not a toy 
●Do not close to the fire.
Multifunctional Baby Food Scissors
Multi-functional Baby Food Supplement Crushing Scissors Grinder is an ingenious scissors is that is designed to cut & mash different kinds of food easily into bite sizes with ease, such as:
Noodles & spaghetti
There are 2 great ways of using it, either hold it like a regular scissors to cut food into bits effortlessly in seconds or hold it like a masher to mash or flatten food.
Cuts almost all types of food in seconds!
No more tiring hands!
Mashing made easy!
Comes with casing for easy storage
Easy to dismantle for through washing