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Baby Food Supplement Temperature Sensor Sucker Bowl Cum Baby Food Making Set -BKM14+yphb-Y26503

RM 29.80 RM 149.00

-Suction cup base keeps bowl securely in place
-Permanently attached suction bases help prevent spills
-Quick release tab on each suction base allows for easy removal by adult
-Temperature spoon can sense above 40 ℃ once touch food or liquid will become white color.

Baby Food Supplement Temperature Sensor Sucker Bowl 

● The spoon and bowl set is specially designed for toddlers learning to self-feed. The bowl base has a suction cup which can suck firmly on the smooth desktop. Ensure the baby's safety. It is difficult for baby to remove but easy for adults. 
● The best food temperature for baby should be between 38-40 ℃;This products are made of a special temperature-sensitive materials.When the temperature of baby food is over 40 ℃, the tips of spoon and fork turns white. It means the food is too hot for baby. When temperature dropped below 38 ℃, they would get back to original color.very safe and convenient. 
● head edge of spoons and forks are made of plasticity elastomer, soft and flexible, more secure to use.; 
●Made of non-toxic and tasteless materials , and the Operating Temperature is 0℃-100℃ 
●To prevent spoon head infected food color, please wash it in the water immediately after each use. Place it in a cool, dry place. If found broken, Please stop to use it. 
●Do not use a metal brush or abrasive powder, in order to avoid scratches surface of the product; 
●Do not use the microwave disinfection 
●It is not a toy 
●Do not close to the fire.
Multifunctional 6 In 1 Baby Food Processor Grinder Maker Set 
100% Brand New and High Quality 
Unique Baby care home living tool 
Multifunctional tool, Grinding, Mashing fruits or potato, Juicing fruits, Filtering babies' soup, 
Reusable, durable, non-stick 
Convenient to use and clean easily. 
Also can be used when travelling 
With bowl and spoon 
Material: PP 
Size: 14*10*8CM 
Color:Beige white 
Note: Do Not boil, Not suitable for microwave oven. Applicable for disinfection cabinet