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[Little B House] Magic Water Drawing Book Kids Painting Colouring Board -BT41

RM 17.90 RM 49.90
  • It is reusable and the color can immediately change after drawing and a few minutes later, the color will magically disappeared
  • No ink and no chemicals, it does no harm to your baby
  • The design of coil binding makes it easy to turn pages
  • This product is designed with the concept of environmental protection

If you are looking for a mess free coloring book, this is for you! The Magic Water Drawing Book uses water to make the colors pop out in this coloring book. The pictures are well drawn, the activities are interesting, educational and fun, and it's very easy for kids of any age to complete. By simply filling the reusable drawing pen with water kids can color over the book pages and they come to life with colors and hidden pictures. Even kids that are only at the scribbling stage can get enjoyment from seeing the pretty colors showing up in the book. I think it'd make a great gift!


The Magic Water Drawing Book helps kids to recognize colors and things, kids will learn much knowledge from drawing.

Once you color, the pictures are very vivid and colorful. As soon as they dry the colored areas disappear and the pages can be colored again and again.

There is no chance of getting "marks" on clothing or other surfaces since all that is required is clear water. And, it is non-toxic.

Simple to use, you only need to fill the pen with water, then you can start coloring.

It is appealing to kids of different ages, on some of the pages it has little activities that are hidden until you color it.

The Magic Water Drawing Book will be perfect to take on airplanes, car rides and anywhere.