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[Little B House] Happy Monkey Hand Rattle Teether Soft Infant Toy -BT38

RM 17.90 RM 49.90
  • Stimulate baby to explore senses of touch & sound
  • Different textures & colours help baby to develop hand eye co-ordination
  • Encourage baby to develop increased control over hand and finger movement
  • Can be washed directly
  • Size: around 22-23cm, hand grip diameter 3.5cm


Rattle sound, Soft Grasping Stick Design, Teether


velvet and silk fine surface, filled with polyester fiber

Soft toys can give your baby a psychological sense of security, 0-1 years old baby is the best growth partner!
The deer / Lion neck built-in ringing bell, a shake will tinkling bell, is attracting the attention of the baby, can promote the development of the baby's hearing;
The head of the built-in BB, extrusion will "beep";
Two feet is teething toys, baby teething can relieve irritability mood.
Shake bar can exercise baby finger grip ability, enhance wrist strength, improve the ability to promote the coordinated development of the baby's hand, eye, brain.