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[Little B Gorcer] Paldo Hwa Hot & Spicy Noodle King Cup Soup (110g x 5ea)- KN205-1

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Hwa King Cup Noodle Soup - Product Description

  • Hot and spicy flavor

  • Quick and easy meal: ready in 4 minutes


1. Open lid half way. 2. Add soup base and pour Boiling water up to marked line. 3. Close lid and wait for 4 minutes. 5. stir well & serve. *Do not microwave.


Noodle: wheat flour, palm oil. potato starch, modified potato starch, slat, emulsified oil (glycerin esters of fat acids, soybean oil), sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, guar gum, riboflavin

Soup Base: salt, mono sodium l-glutamate, sugar, flavor enhancer(red pepper, salt, dextrin, onion, yeast extract), red pepper seasoning(red pepper, salt, garlic, glucose), roasted red pepper powder(red pepper powder, red pepper oil), soy sauce powder(soybean, wheat, salt), red pepper seed oil powder, soy peptide, black pepper, ginger powder, paprika, disodium 5'-guanylate, caramel powder

Dehydrated Vegetable Mix: green onion flake, red sweet pepper flake, seaweed flake