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[Joy Snacks] Nestle Milo Energy Cube 50cube 137.5g - KN286

RM 14.00 RM 1,650.00

Nestle Milo Energy Cube 50cube 137.5g


  • 50 cube each pack
  • Weight: 137.5g 
  • Product of Malaysia

Indulge in the latest trending snack that Milo has to offer. The Milo Energy Cube comes in individually wrapped, bite sized, cubes of delicious chocolaty goodness. Imagine the tantalizing taste of Milo powder packed in a cube. Just drop one into your mouth when you feel like a snack or need an energy boost during the day.  Milo Energy Cube is made using the same ingredients as the Milo drink that we are all familiar with, so you can't go wrong with this snack! Perfect for athletes too to get that all needed boost prior to working out or post workout for a quick recovery. It is probably the densest and crunchiest tiny chocolate cookie available in the market. Simply heavenly.

Milo already have the breakfast for champions, now is the time to enjoy the energy snack for future champions! Contains 50 cubes.

 Milo Cube
 MILo Energy Cube
 Milo Crunchy
• Contains 50 cubes